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Executive Team 

Adrian Black



Adrian recently joined Bio‑Sep to lead the transition from its R&D stage into a commercial enterprise. He has extensive experience in successfully founding and scaling early-stage technology ventures and solving the problems they face. Most recently, Adrian founded legal technology company NorthRow Ltd, which he scaled to a Series A+ round as CEO.

David Dutton



A successful multi sector entrepreneur and a past executive director within a major UK media group DMGT plc. David was chairman of DMG Information, a major division of DMGT concentrating on the provision of B2B electronic information. David also acted as a Chairman or Non-Executive Director for several subsidiaries of DMGT, including Zoopla and has been chairman and mentor to multiple early-stage businesses and charities. David now has interests in multiple sectors, including Scottish forestry.


Kenneth day

engineering director

Ken is a Chartered Engineer and former Fellow of the Institutes of Electrical and Nuclear Engineering. He has overseen the design and operation of the pilot plant since its inception. With his extensive engineering background, and knowledge of procurement and logistics, Ken is pivotal in the process of developing and commercialising the patented fractionation technology at the heart of Bio Sep.

Miranda Lindsay-Fynn Bio-Sep

Miranda Lindsay-Fynn

commercial Director

Miranda is an experienced entrepreneur with extensive sector experience including industrial biotechnology, retail and distribution, legal and corporate services. She leads go-to-market activities, building commercial relationships with downstream chemical partners in the Bio Sep supply chain and heading up all marketing activities. Miranda is also on the Commercial Advisory Board of the IBioIC.

Andy West

Dr Andy West

Chief Chemist

Andy is both a Chartered Chemist and a Chartered Scientist and has extensive experience providing innovation consultancy and technology transfer support for SMEs, particularly related to sustainability, waste as a resource and climate change mitigation. Andy is scaling the process chemistry team and working with partner chemical companies to develop high value applications for our products.

Board  (Non-Executive)


Anthony McGarel-Groves

Finance Director

Anthony is a Chartered Accountant and is responsible for all financial and legal matters.


Geoffrey Drage obe


Oversight of IP generation & protection; growth mentoring.


Malcolm Gates


Contacts networking in research, feedstock, chemical and industrial partners.

Expert Advisors 

Danny Stewart – Engineering

A project and mechanical design engineer, Daniel is the Managing Director of Fillis Consultancy Ltd. For 25 years, he has been designing and operating dry quarry sand and gravel, and wet slurry management equipment, and more recently complex processing equipment for the pharmaceutical and water industries. Daniel has been the Bio-Sep pilot plant supervisor and senior operator since 2017. His assistant Andrew Kane is an experienced electrical engineer with years of operational experience. He is currently also engaged in the design of all other non-ultrasonic aspects of the scaled-up Bio-Sep technology.  

Dr Darren Bates – Ultrasonics

Founder and former Chief Technology Officer of Cavitus and now Managing Director of BubbleTech. An expert sonochemist, Darren’s professional career has focused on building globally recognised engineering solutions involving high-power ultrasonics. He was involved in the Bio-Sep proof of concept work and a number of previous Bio-Sep initiatives including the EC/FP7 BioSonic project. He is currently also engaged in the design and development of the scaled-up Bio-Sep technology.

Dr Simon Acey – Chemical Engineering

A chemical engineer of many years standing, Simon now retired was for the last 30 years employed at the South Wales site of Dow Corning Ltd. His experience is vast and he was involved in research and development, project engineering and manufacturing, and held technical leadership and supervisory roles in all disciplines, but always with a strong technical element to the activity. In 2018, he carried out an independent in-depth review of Bio-Sep’s research methodology and pilot plant development and was an active member of the follow-up design review team that proposed modifications to improve the efficiency of the plant. His expertise is valuable in the evolution of the business case, and review of options for, and detailed design of the scaled-up revenue-generating plant.  

Dr Madeleine Bussemaker – R&D

Madeleine completed her PhD at The University of Western Australia’s Centre for Energy focusing on the use of ultrasound for the pre-treatment of lignocellulosic biomass for biorefinery applications. As well as working with ultrasonic interactions with lignocellulose, Madeleine explored the response of sonochemistry to variations in the reactor configuration. Madeleine moved to the University of Surrey in 2013 where she was involved with biorefinery supply chain optimisation, based on a techno-economic assessment of a novel treatment of lignocellulose. Now a Senior Lecturer in Chemical Engineering, she is currently involved in projects including parametric studies on sonochemical effects, biomass processing and classification, and ultrasonic effects in biological systems, all subjects of direct relevance to Bio-Sep.

Professor Nilay Shah – R&D

Professor and Head of the Department of Chemical Engineering at Imperial College London and former Director of the Centre for Process Systems Engineering. His research interests include the application of multiscale process modelling and mathematical/systems engineering techniques to analyse and optimise complex, spatially- and temporally-explicit low-carbon industrial and energy systems, including chemical process systems, urban energy systems, carbon capture and storage, hydrogen infrastructures, and bioenergy systems.

Nilay led the Bio-Sep proof of concept work and has been involved in subsequent Bio-Sep project activities. During his long involvement with Bio-Sep he has been instrumental in many aspects of the technology development and process adjustments to refine performance, and provided the initial stimulus on process economic modelling.

Professor Alexei Lapkin – R&D

Professor of Sustainable Reaction Engineering (SRE) at Cambridge University since 2013 before which he was Professor of Engineering at the University of Warwick. The SRE group is working on methods of modelling chemical processes, starting from molecular methods, and extending to multi-objective process optimisation and life cycle assessment. Also, they are engaged with many industry sectors, from materials and formulations to platform chemicals and pharmaceuticals, and have an international network of collaborations.

Alexei first engaged with Bio-Sep in 2008 when, as a senior Lecturer at the University of Bath, he carried out the initial validation of the Bio-Sep technology for solvent fractionation of lignocellulose. His deep expertise is of immense value to Bio-Sep.

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