Bio-Sep team

The 37 most promising climate-tech startups of 2022, from microplastics to toilets, according to top VCs

Bio-Sep was recommended as one of the 37 most promising climate tech start-ups, poised to take off by Tim Mills of ACF Investors when Business Insider asked investors which start-ups are doing well in 2022. 

Business Insider review article by Tasmin Lockwood and Julie Bort, Aug 30, 2022

Recommended by: Tim Mills, ACF Investors

Relationship to VCs: Portfolio

Founded: 2008

Headquarters: Leicestershire, UK

Total raised: £3.2 million, or around $3.7 million

What it does: Bio-Sep has created a way to break down biomass — namely sawdust — to extract renewable biochemicals. These biochemicals can replace the toxic petrochemicals present in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and personal-care products.

Why it’s poised to take off: “The products produced by chemical companies are essential to having a high quality of life — they are the foundation of everything from modern healthcare to technology. But it’s also an industry that has a lot of work to do when it comes to decarbonizing,” Mills said. “Bio-Sep’s technology could be key to that process, and the business model — turning £1 of sawdust into £6 worth of biochemicals — has the potential to be a highly profitable one.” 

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